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Giuliano S222 Tyre changer

The S222 is Giuliano's entry level automatic tyre changer suitable for car and motorcycle wheels having rim size from 10" to 22" (max. diameter 1000mm/39", max width 330mm/13"). The S222 can be fitted with a range of accessories including the interchangeable mounting head system detailed below.
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We can supply Giuliano machines in red or blue

We have recently supplied 3 modified Giuliano S222 tyre changers to Dunlop Motorsport for the British Superbike championship.
The standard machines were delivered to our workshop where they were completely stripped for re powder coating, the turrets were then fixed and modified press arms were fitted
to each machine. Modifications were then made to the electric's and air to enable the machine to fit into the Dunlop track system.
Locking Wheels were then fitted to enable the machines to be unloaded and loaded into the trucks quickly and safely

Modified Dunlop S222 tyre changers
More info HERE

We have also supplied Mdoified S222 tyre changers to Yokohama ffor use in the WTCC.

wtcc S222 Tyre changer
Modified Yokohama S222 tyre changers
More info HERE

Tilting vertical arm
Operating arm pneumatic locking
20" turntable (outside clamping)
Air-operated bead-breaker
Oversize body
Extractable pedal unit
Motor 230/400 V - 3 ph - 50 Hz

Technical Information
Rim clamping
Max. wheel diameter
1000mm (39")
Maximum wheel width
330mm (13")
Bead Breaker force at 10 bar
2500 kg
Operating pressure
10 bar (145 psi)
Power supply
230 v 1ph / 400 V 3ph
Motor power
0.55 kw
Spindle torque
1200 Nm
Net weight
215 kg (GT 233 kg)

Optional interchangeable mounting head system

We would recommend the fitting of Giuliano's patented interchangeable head system, this system enables quick transition between a steel mounting head for steel or damaged alloy wheels, to a nylon head for alloy wheels. A nylon mounting head ensures the least amount of risk of damage to alloy wheels.



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