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Coats 950 Wheel Balancer

The Model 950 wheel balancer is recognised as the workhorse of the wheel service industry in America.

coats 950

Key Features
  • 1 1/2 horsepower direct-drive motor and 16-bit microprocessor provide super-fast five second cycle times.
  • Eight separate balancing modes (static and dynamic modes, RV and four different alloy modes, plus match mount).
  • Convenient keypad entry.
  • Keyboard activated "hood start" saves time.
  • Ounce/gram conversion and a roundoff feature eliminates complicated calculations.
  • 25-pocket weight tray provides abundant storage.
  • Self calibration.

  • Specifications
    Balancing Modes 5
    Tyre Diameter Up to 40"
    Rim Width 2" to 19.9"
    Max. Tyre Weight 150 lbs.
    Shaft Diameter 1-1/8" or 40mm
    Shaft Length 6-5/8"
    Resolution: Oz. 0.01
    Resolution: Degrees 1.4
    Accuracy: Oz. 0.01
    Power Requirement 220v/440v 1/3 Phase
    Footprint 57"W x 50"D
    Shipping Weight 586 lbs.


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