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The Giuliano QX Bead Lifter is a revolutionary patented new system that removes the tyre lever from most tilt back tyre changers including Giuliano, Hofmann Megaplan, Corghi, Hofmann and Beissbarth, contact us on 0121 44 55 900 for more information.

QX system seen here fitting a Gravel/Tarmac Rally tyre.
The Qx system married to the Giuliano S224 complete with RacingAGE modifed help arm.
The tyre fitted is not a standard road tyre but a multiply sidewall rally tyre, it really is that easy to fit using the QX system!

During de mounting operation, the automatic air operated movement of the finger tool, is exactly the same the movement of a conventional tyre lever, normally operated by the operators hand.
The QX is a brand new Giuliano patented system that removes the standard tyre lever from the Giuliano range of tyre changer.
The system is suitable for Run Flat Systems.
Giuliano QX
The system keeps the same tyre changing procedure as the conventional one used by tyre specialists,
but makes the lifting of the bead effortless and safe!
The QX systems can be fitted to your existing rim clamp tyre machine in less than an hour

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