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AHCON Match Matic 900

matchmatic ahcon
The Ahcon Match Matic optimises the seat of the tyre.
Reduces flat spots.
Simulates road conditions
Adjustable pressure on sidewalls and tread.
Reduces claims and rebalancing
Computer based programmes. 30 - 180 sec.

600 30 000

H. 1430mm

W. 620mm

L. 1160mm

match matic ahcon

rollertable ahcon

Mounted roller table with 3 rollers

900 40 011

roller bridge ahcon Roller Bridge for eliding use of Match Matic

900 40 010

roller set ahcon Roller set for low side walls

900 40 014

floor stand ahcon Floor stand with spring holder inc. inflation guage.
H: 1970mm

900 55 015

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