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Balco B930 calibration instructions :

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The balancer is calibrated at the factory before shipment and should not normally require recalibration. See operational check procedure to determine if field calibration is necessary. Calibration is automatic in that the balancer is self-adjusting.
If calibration necessary perform the following:
1. Fine Balance Wheel

Display shows zeros

Mount wheel on balancer

NOTE: It is advisable to use a wheel similar to those most commonly balanced.


With balancer in "fine" submode, balance the wheel to zero with the control knobs set to the appropriate values for the wheel being used.

NOTE: Accurate settings of display is required, or miscalibration will result.

2. Attach Required weight

Ounce mode 3 oz.

Gram mode 100 gm.

Rotate wheel until both outer position arrows illuminate. Attach the required weight to wheel on outer rim at Top Dead Center.

NOTE: Calibration will only be as good as the accuracy of this weight.

3. Depress Fine Button Then Mode Button For 3-4 Seconds

Display shows flashing"CCC"

With 3 zeros showing in the display window, depress mode select and fine button together. The display will show a flashing "CCC"
4. spin Wheel Each Time Flashing "CCC" appears (minimum of 4 spin cycles) while "CCC" display is flashing spin wheel. The buzzer will sound and the balancer will go through a measuring cycle. Repeat the spin cycle each time the flashing "ccc" appears. In the event the wrong weight is attached, control knobs are incorrectly or accidentally changed, the calibration is aborted and "EEE" is displayed. In such case, verify all values are correct and repeat the entire procedure. A malfunction exists if "EEE" continues to appear. However the balancer will still operate with the original calibration values.

5. calibration Complete

calibration weight displayed on outer, zeros displayed on inner

when calibration weight value appears continuously, the balancer is fully calibrated and ready for use.

NOTE: If calibration procedure is abandoned before completion, original values are retained.

wheel balancer calibration problems

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