Focus F9HS Commercial Wheel balancer
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Focus F9HS Commercial Wheel Balancer


Machine Details:
Hand spin transportable wheel balancer with electronic measuring system for truck, light commercial and car wheels.
Digital control panel with big bright LED's.
Static balancing program and four programs for dynamic balancing. Functions ALU S and SPLIT Optimisation program. Automatic minimisation of residual static unbalance. Self diagnosis and self calibration.
Double-operator program: the dimensions of two types of wheel can be stored. Thus two operators can work simultaneously on two different vehicles using the same balancing machine.
Wheel braking by lift plate.
It can be transported thanks to wheels with bearings.
The built-in pneumatic lift, equipped with safety device, is a "soft action type" lift, that means the operator, using his own force, can lower the wheel by a few millimeters. This feature is extremely good for good locking and centering of the wheel.
It is complete with net supply (AC) and cable for battery supply (12-24 VDC).
Optional wheel guard available.

Standard Accessories:

Technical Data  
Power Supply
Max. power consumption
Balancing Accuracy
1gr. car / 10gr. truck
Cycle time
<20 sec.
Rim width
1'5" - 20"
Rim diameter
10" - 26.5"
Max. wheel diameter
1285 mm
Wheel Max. weight
Compressed air supply
8-10 bar.
Gross weight with std. acc.


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