Haweka started in 1968 when we introduced the back cone system, which is still the standard on every wheel balancer sold in the world. Since then, Haweka has pioneered just about 100% of all new adaptor designs and concepts that has been introduced to the wheel balancing industry. Today, Haweka supplies about 85% of all wheel balancer manufacturers in the world with their adaptor hardware, ranging from cones, shafts and Quicknuts to the entire internal drive system.
However, with less than 200 employees, Haweka is hardly a huge conglomerate. Rather, Haweka's strength comes from our know-how as the worlds leading wheel balancing specialist.

Even though we manufacture a vast majority of the balancing adaptors sold in the world, we are not seen as just a manufacturer. Rather, we are considered educators and problem solvers.

Over the past 31 years, we have helped solve vibration problems for almost every vehicle and tire manufacturer in the world. As a result, most of these manufacturers have made Haweka adaptors mandatory or recommended to their own dealer network.

As vehicles and especially suspensions are getting increasingly lighter and more sensitive to vibration problems, demands to the adaptor system used to center a wheel on a balancer have increased greatly as well. Haweka has answered this challenge by inventing new adaptor systems like Flange Plate adaptors, Duo Expert adaptors and other adaptors. And we will continue to be the leader in balancing technology in the future - hence our slogan:
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