John Bean b9460 wheel balancer
John Bean Tyre Changers

The b9460 Motorised wheel balancer.

The John Bean Balco b9460 is the 3rd balancer in their new range of V.P.I. (patented) system based machines. Ensuring a consistency of measurement and readings.

Semi-automatic Distance/Offset/Width Entry (3D Sape)
stadium style weight tray
Input of width and diameter through +/- buttons
Virtual measuring plane balancing system
Aluminium modes with automatic weight location system
Pax Mode
Motorcycle Mode
Patented Weight Clamp Device with integrated ejector incorporated into the gauge arm
Automatic brake after the measuring run
Automatic orientation into left correction plane after the measuring run
Wheel sticky on top functionality for easy location of the top dead centre
Spindle lock via foot brake pedal
Dual digital display
4 accessory storage pegs on left hand side
Patented optimization mode
Multiple user capability
Full wheel hood as standard
Easy access to electronic box for service purposes
Belt driven motorised operation
Automatic start by lowering wheel guard
Data storage of up to 4 different wheels

Accessories and Adaptors

Standard Accessories Optional Accessories

Quick Lock Nut
Conical Spring
Universal Drum
Universal Drum Cushion
Spacer Ring
Weight Clamp Device
Full Wheel Hood
Accessory Storage Pegs

A wide range of Adaptors such as motorcycle adaptors, centerless wheel adaptors and light truck cones are available for all of the wheel balancers we supply. Please go to our wheel balancer adaptor section for more information.

The stadium weight tray

The stadium weight tray is designed is to provide the user with a practical layout.

1. Wheel Width Calipers Holder
2. Weight Disposal Area
3. Cone Storage
4. Weight Pliers Holder
5. Weight Storage


'Split weight positioning' enables precise, discreet location of wheel weights behind spokes of alloy wheels. Weight positionong 'arm' enables accurate weight location whilst automatically measuring wheel diameter.

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