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Giuliano Smaxi Tyre changer

The SMaxi GT is Giuliano's Semi-automatic tyre changer with sideward's moving arm, expressly designed for oversize and racing tyre's. It is suitable for car and motorcycle wheels having rim size from 10" to 22" (max. diameter 1200mm/47,5", max. wheel width 390 mm/15"). The SMaxi can be fitted with a range of accessories including the interchangeable mounting head system detailed below.

maxi maxi.jpeg
We can supply Giuliano machines in red or blue

Fixed vertical arm-Sidewards moving horizontal arm
Locking system by handwheel
20" turntable (outside clamping)
Air-operated bead-breaker
Oversize body
Motor 230/400 V - 3 ph - 50 Hz

Technical Information
Rim clamping
Max. wheel diameter
1200mm (47.5")
Maximum wheel width
390mm (15")
Bead Breaker force at 10 bar
2500 kg
Operating pressure
10 bar (145 psi)
Power supply
230 v 1ph / 400 V 3ph
Motor power
0.55 kw
Spindle torque
1200 Nm
Net weight
220 kg (GT 225 kg)

Racingage modified Giuliano Maxi GT Racing
maxi racing
We have also made several 'special' Smaxi RACING machines. They have proven very popular in motorsport due to their ruggedness, simplicity of use and specially lowered table. Avon Motorsport and Dunlop Motorsport both have several of these unique machines. The machines above left were made for Dunlop Motorsport and are currently in use on the LMS service, the machines on the right were for the [ALMS service in America].
Contact us for more information if you think one of these special machines would suit your requirements.
Our specially modified Giuliano Maxi GT Racing in use at Dubai 24hr.
Lowered machines fitted with twin speed motors.

Over 80 cars, during the race each car will pit between 18 and 19 times, each pit stop requires four tyres, meaning each car needs at least 72 tyres apiece.
All tyre equipment supplied by Racingage.

Optional Press Arm
We would recommend that alloy wheel specialists consider having the optional press arm fitted to aid the tyre technician in the removal and fitting of low profile tyres to alloy wheels


Please click [HERE] for more information on the press arm

Optional Interchangeable Mounting Head System
We would also recommend the fitting of Giuliano's patented interchangeable head system, this system enables quick transition between a steel mounting head for steel or damaged alloy wheels, to a nylon head for alloy wheels. A nylon mounting head ensures the least amount of risk of damage to alloy wheels.


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