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The ‘Dunlop 24hrs of Dubai’

For the last couple of months RacingAGE efforts have been centered on setting up a tyre fitting service for the single biggest ever logistics operation in the century-long history of Dunlop Motorsport. The ‘Dunlop 24hrs of Dubai’ race had its 6th edition on 14/15 January, and attracted an incredible 87 entries comprising an eclectic mix of exotic sportscars and touring cars. Every competitor raced on Dunlop Tyre's, with the organisers having tested the durability, performance and consistency of the Dunlop range in last year’s event.

24hr Dubai race start
The only part of the 24hr race our engineers actually got to see of 'Dunlop 24hrs of Dubai',
a few seconds of the start!

The 2011 full grid of cars is believed to be the largest ever racing grid of cars on one single brand of tyre in the history of International Endurance Motorsport. Dunlop supplied 6500 tyre's for this race. The logistics operation was incredible – 14 shipping containers were dispatched to Dubai and 38 skilled tyre technicians serviced the cars.

The Dunlop containers and fitting service temporary building

For our part this meant the hurried building of 2 of our BB3000, bead breakers (with an additional one from last years event already out there) 4 of our special Smaxi tyre changers, plus 2 Ahcon wheel lifts, 3 Ahcon inflation cages, 4 Fasep 221 racing wheel balancers, 20 lengths of rollers and reels of pipe, cables and fixings.

ahcon wheel lifts
Two Ahcon wheel lifts
bb3000 bead breaker
Three RacingAGE BB3000 bead breakers
Four RacingAGE/Giuliano Smaxi tyre changer specials
rollers rollers
ahcon cages
3 Ahcon inflation cages

All of this had to be ready in record time to be shipped out to Dubai in time for the race. RacingAGE engineers then set out a few days before the race to set up the service alongside a few Dunlop personnel.
Once the service kicked into action It became apparent this was going to be something unseen before in motorsport history with at one point a tyre being fitted every 20 seconds. The fitting crew which included Racingage's Paul and Kevin Theakston worked a grueling 39 hours non stop eventually going on to fit over 3500 tyre's, with easily another 1000 swop over's etc.

Dunlop Motorsport's Gary wassell talks about the Dunlop fitting service.
39 hours of the Dunlop 24hr of Dubai in under 60 seconds

When the dust had settled we became aware of the scale of this important landmark in motorsport history. The full grid of cars is believed to be the largest ever racing grid of cars on one single brand of tyre in the history of International Endurance Motorsport.
We where delighted with the reliability of the equipment supplied, manufactured and modified in record time by RacingAGE.
When we say our equipment is reliable it is not just marketing bluff it is a hard won truth, we are not in a position to risk supplying equipment that doesn't match up to our customers expectations.

Dunlop Motorsport Dubai 24hr fitting team
The Dunlop 24hr of Dubai tyre fitting crew

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