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Dubai January 2012

Once again RacingAGE where present at this years challenging Dubai 24 hour race.
Racingage with Dunlop Motorsport.

Dubai 24hr 2012
The impressive Dunlop tyre fitting service set up is complete and ready to cope with over 3000 tyres.
A line of Fasep 221 wheel balancers ready for action
Service Dubai 24hr
The work starts to arrive and the service kicks into action
Dubai 24 hr Dunlop Tyres
The work shows no sign of slowing in the hot middle east temperatures.
"Giuliano's Smaxi's modified by RacingAGE proving to be the machines to do the job"
Dunlop Dubai 2012
The next day arrives and the Fasep 221 wheel balancers and Dunlop fitters just carry on working
Dubai Dunlop Team
The Dunlop Dubai 24hr Team

Our time lapse film showing the tyre fitting and pack up of the Dunlop Dubai 24hr
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