Semi Auto Tyrechangers
Semi Automatic
Tyre Changers

Automotive Garage Equipment supply and service a wide range of semi-automatic tyre changers.

Balco T 500
-Entry level semi-automatic machine

Balco T 1000
-Semi-automatic, suitable for garages or small tyre bays

Balco T 2000
-Tilt-back tyre changer

Beissbarth MS 43 -Entry level semi-automatic machine

Beissbarth MS 48 -Semi-automatic tilt-back, suitable for garages or small tyre bays

Sicam Colibri BL 502. -Semi-automatic tyre changer

Sicam Colbri BL 666. -All air semi-automatic tyre changer, ideal for mobile installations

Sicam Grifone SL 506 -Semi-automatic tilt back tyre changer

Silver 2000-All air semi-automatic tyre changer

Silver 110 -Semi-automatic, suitable for garages or small tyre bays

Silver 112 -Side arm semi-automatic, suitable for most small to medium tyre bays

Silver 2001 -Air powered side arm semi-automatic.

Silver 112 12 Volt-12 Volt Side arm semi-automatic, ideal for mobile tyre fitting operations.

Silver Maxi gt -Semi-automatic racing tyre changer

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