Sicam Tyre Changers

Tyre Changing Equipment

Sicam manufacture a wide range of machines for every budget and requirement, these range from entry model semi automatics to machines specifically designed to cope with modern performance tyres, all of Sicams's machines can be fitted with a range of accessories.

Colibri BL 502.
semi automatic tyre changer.

Colbri BL 666.
All air semi automatic tyre changer, ideal for mobile installations

Grifone SL 506
Semi automatic tilt back tyre Changer.

Falco AL 510 Fully automatic tilt back tyre changer.

Combined Falco 1200 ITE Racing. Sicams flagship fully automatic tilt back racing tyre Changer.

Sicam Commercial Equipment. Sicam commercial tyre Changers and cages.

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