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Automotive Garage Equipment and Triumph Motorcycles

After the fire at Triumph's production factory the company needed to get back into production quickly and efficiently with the right equipment.
For production fitting the tyres, balancing tyre and wheel assemblies and inflation systems they called upon Automotive Garage Equipment for their advice.

Triumph's tyre fitting requirements were no problem,
they just needed 3 standard[Giuliano S224 fully automatic tyre changers] fitted with standard motorcycle adaptor jaws.

However their balancing needs were a little more tricky.
They needed to be able to switch quickly between any wheel and tyre assembly in the Triumph line up.
It was soon apparent that a standard motorcycle adaptor would not be quick enough and would slow down the production line.
Automotive Garage Equipment set about designing a unique system to enable the quick transition between wheel assemblies.
There are now 3 [Focus F8 wheel balancers] at Triumph, each fitted with Automotive Garage Equipment's unique adaptor set.
For Triumph's inflation requirements we called in [Ahcon] who designed a complete tyre inflation system for them.

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